Freelance Attorney Network and Attorney Search and Placement

LegalBee is a premier freelance attorney network and attorney search and placement firm that supports law firms needing to scale their practices. Whether it's hiring from our "hive" of freelance attorneys for temporary assistance with court appearances, depositions and overflow work or a permanent associate or partner to grow their practice, LegalBee is a "one-stop shop" for all of a firm's attorney staffing needs. 

As a woman and minority-owned attorney placement firm, LegalBee understands the value of diversity first-hand. Therefore, we've made it our mission to educate our clients on the value of having a diverse and inclusive workplace. LegalBee is among a very small group of attorney placement firms in the country that specializes in the recruitment, placement and retention of diverse and minority attorney talent.

Freelance and Permanent Attorneys

For freelance attorneys who desire flexibility and work-life balance while still remaining in the legal industry, LegalBee provides the opportunity for these attorneys to create their own schedule and pick which projects they work on, all while engaging in substantive legal work. 

For attorneys looking for full-time opportunities at law firms, LegalBee works closely to get to know the attorney’s strengths, weaknesses and motivations to best identify the law firms where the attorney will thrive and be prosperous.

Attorney Coaching and Outplacement

Attorneys that are in transition, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, can contact LegalBee for assistance with standing out in today’s legal market. LegalBee works with attorneys on resume and cover letters, interview prep, LinkedIn strategies and short-term and long-term coaching.

For employers that are letting an attorney go, LegalBee provides outplacement services that can help the attorney effectively transition back into the legal job market.