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FAQs for Law Firms Hiring a Permanent Associate or Partner


Making a great hire takes time and hiring LegalBee can save your firm time and resources. We source and recruit qualified candidates, interview them in person (or if necessary, via video conference), check their references and credentials and only then, bring to you the most qualified applicants after they've already been fully vetted. This allows you to make a decision more quickly without having to have done all of the work on the front end. 

We also have access to a large database and network of candidates that we can pull from when opportunities become available. However, we do not simply post a job description and wait for candidates to apply. We actively seek out passive candidates that are currently employed and make a compelling case for why they should consider working for your firm. Lastly, for firms seeking to diversify, LegalBee is among a very small group of attorney placement firms in the country that specializes in the recruitment, placement and retention of diverse and minority attorney talent.


How Do We Know LegalBee Will Only Present Appropriate Candidates?

When taking on a search assignment, it is LegalBee's primary focus to understand the firm’s culture, values and priorities, as well as the candidate's strengths and motivations. We pride ourselves on our ability to source the candidate who meets the standards our clients present to us. Due to our in-depth assessment and interaction with both parties, we are able to use our skill and instinct to determine which candidates would be a great fit for the client. 

FAQs for Hiring Attorneys Working with Freelance Attorneys

What is a Freelance Attorney?

A freelance attorney is an attorney who provides services to other attorneys and law firms on a project basis. The freelance attorney is an independent contractor and is not an actual employee of the person or firm that utilizes their services. 


Is a Freelance Attorney the same as a Contract Attorney?

Yes and no. The difference between a freelance attorney and contract attorney is mostly semantics.  However, “contract attorney” often gives the impression that the attorney just does document review or is contracted through an agency. A freelance attorney embodies all of the benefits of having an associate without the added expense.


What are the benefits of hiring a Freelance Attorney?

LegalBee provides all of the benefits of a productive and experienced associate without the expense, hassle, or commitment of hiring a permanent member to your staff.

For additional information on the benefits of working with LegalBee, click here.



A freelance attorney can perform any task an associate at your firm could perform. They can handle court appearances, depositions, motion and contract drafting, legal research, case strategy, and more. 


What are the qualifications to become a LegalBee freelance attorney? 

LegalBee requires its freelance attorneys to have at least five (5) years of experience in their given practice area to be considered. In addition, all LegalBee freelance attorneys are interviewed, have their writing samples reviewed, bar registration status and clean disciplinary history confirmed and three professional references interviewed before joining the "hive."


How do i begin working with a legalbee freelance attorney?

Step 1: Contact LegalBee by either submitting a request, emailing info@hirelegalbee or calling 312-380-9571 when you have a project that needs the assistance of a freelance attorney.

Step 2: LegalBee will match you with an available freelance attorney that has experience handling the type of project for which you need assistance.

Step 3: Execute the contract for services.

Step 4: Discuss the project details directly with the LegalBee freelance attorney. LegalBee will put you in direct contact. 

Step 5: Take care of other pressing matters while the LegalBee freelance attorney finishes the work.

Step 6: Receive invoice from LegalBee for the work performed by the freelance attorney.

Step 7: Pay invoice.


How is malpractice insurance handled?

Some freelance attorneys carry their own malpractice insurance. However, most malpractice policies will automatically cover a freelance attorney for any work they performed for a hiring firm.  Nevertheless, be sure to read your policy and consult with your insurance carrier to ensure your policy will cover a freelance attorney.


How does hiring a LegalBee freelance attorney save me money and increase my bottom line?

Because LegalBee freelance attorneys are independent contractors, they are able to offer years of experience without incurring associated overhead costs. Your savings include the avoidance of income taxes, workers compensation, social security, Medicare, health insurance, professional liability insurance, or other employment benefits.

In addition, you have the option of adding a reasonable surcharge when billing your clients for work performed by LegalBee’s freelance attorneys. You earn a profit and your client’s overall legal fees may be reduced. Meanwhile, you or your other attorneys can be working on other billable projects. This saves you time and increases your profits.