3 Quick Tips for Successfully Onboarding Your New Employee


Onboarding a new employee is an important yet often overlooked aspect of the hiring process. Firms rarely have the luxury of time to wait for a new hire to get comfortable and acclimated. However, for employees to truly be successful for the long-term, firms have to take the time on the front-end to make sure new hires know what is expected of them, the firm’s ends and outs and where to go when questions arise. Just having employees fill out forms and giving them tours of the offices is not enough. Here are three quick tips to successfully onboard your new employee.

Be Prepared

It’s important for the new hire to feel like the firm is prepared for them when they start. This can be accomplished by having the basics ready, such as the workspace cleared off and computers and phones up and running. Make sure someone is available to show them where everything is, introduce them to their co-workers and go over office policies.  

Have a Plan

Have a formal training plan where new hires learn what is expected of them and how the firm operates. Getting employees started in their roles where they have to figure it out on their own without any clear guidance and direction is a waste of everyone’s time and leads to the employee feeling dejected and deflated unnecessarily. Your plan should include clear onboarding objectives, scheduled performance reviews and employee development plans.

Assign a Peer Mentor

Select someone other than a direct supervising partner to be the point person the new hire can go to with questions regarding culture and expectations. This way the new hire can ask things that they may feel uncomfortable bringing to a partner. A peer mentor can also provide a more informal way of introducing the new hire to how the firm operates.