5 Quick Tips to Kick Off Your Job Search


Ah! It’s a brand new year. A new year often means a fresh start. As you were writing down your resolutions, you may have decided that this is the year that you want to get a new job. Here are five quick tips to help you do just that.

Fine-tune your resume 

Dust off your resume and update it to reflect the work you've been doing and any accomplishments you have. Depending on the type of job you want to get, you may want to create multiple resumes to reflect the skills you have for each job.

Update LinkedIn 

If you’re not already on LinkedIn, this should be number one on your list. LinkedIn is your online resume and many recruiters use it to find candidates for job openings. Be sure to include relevant accomplishments, any articles you’re written or videos you’re on to spice it up. 

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Make a list of firms or companies where you want to work

Make a dream list of places you want to work, then look at your network to see who you know that works there or has ties there. See if you can get your resume to an actual person rather than in the black hole of job boards and online submissions.


Your network is your best bet at landing a new gig. Let everyone know that you’re in the market for a new opportunity. Go to bar association meetings, mixers, happy hours, you name it. The more people that see you out there repeatedly the better.

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Get your references in order

Since you are going to be landing lots of interviews, make sure you've selected your references and make sure they are willing and able to give you a glowing recommendation when the time comes.

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