7 Keys to Discreetly Look for Job While Still Employed


It’s been said time and time again that the best time to look for a new job is while you’re still employed. This is typically true because you’re seen as a more desirable candidate by employers if they can snag you from someone else. There are also benefits to you in that you don’t have a significant break in receiving income and you can simply transition from one position to another. However, there is an art to looking for a job while you’re still working. The last thing you want is to make things awkward for you at your current place of employment. 

Here are some 7 keys to help you discreetly look for job while still employed. 

  1. On the “Preferences” tab on the LinkedIn Jobs homepage, turn on the Open Candidates feature to let recruiters and employers know that you’re open to new opportunities.
  2. Tell only the people at your current job that you feel that you can trust that you’re looking for another job and ask that they keep that information confidential. You don’t want anyone sabotaging your efforts because they can’t keep their mouths shut. 
  3. Only use your current co-workers and superiors as references if you have a great relationship with them, informed them that you’re looking and received their consent. 
  4. Use your personal email, phone and computer for all correspondence related to your search. Refrain from using your current job’s resources to look for another job. 
  5. When possible, schedule interviews outside of working hours. If not possible, try to take PTO instead of being missing for long periods of time. If you must interview during working hours, be cognizant of how you’re dressed. Schedule your interview on a day you have court or another formal meeting so it won’t look odd that you have on a formal suit, which could be a telltale sign you are interviewing if you work at a casual workplace. 
  6. Don’t advertise your job search on your social media. You can’t monitor who sees it and what they’ll do with that information. Word may get back to your employer. 
  7. Utilize a recruiter who can find opportunities on your behalf without you having to post on job sites which can be seen by your employer.

Are there any other things you’ve done to discreetly job search while still employed? Let us know in the comments below.