Feeling Stuck in Your Legal Career? Pick My Brain!

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Throughout the years, I’ve given away tons of free advice. I write blogs, articles and newsletters. I speak at law schools and lawyer networking events. I use Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to share nuggets of wisdom and information.

Dozens of attorneys often approach me asking if they can pick my brain. During these talks, I’ve helped numerous people gain the clarity to leave their job to start their own firm or go from working in the public sector to a major law firm. I’d love to help dozens more attorneys get clarity on their next career move. So in order to not leave anyone hanging, I have developed a “Pick My Brain” Career Strategy Session.

A Pick My Brain Career Strategy Session is a high-value, information-intensive phone call or in-person meeting that ends with ideas, clarity and action steps. You will leave the session with clarity on what direction you should take in your legal career.


I am good at . . .

  • Thinking outside of the box to unlock your full potential

  • Getting the wheels turning as to what your strengths really are and how to best utilize them in your career

  • Offering invaluable advice from an outside perspective to get you unstuck

Yes! Let Me In!

What is involved in a Pick My Brain Career Strategy Session?

Come to our meeting with your issues, pains, problems and career challenges. You need to email those prior to the meeting. You will receive 60-75 minutes of insightful, honest and valuable feedback and advice. I am really good at being able to quickly diagnose your situation and prescribe solutions.

Our call is recorded and you will receive a recording after the call. If we have an in-person meeting, you will receive an email summary of the action steps that you are to implement. PLUS…You get an additional phone check-up 14 days after our session to make sure you are on track.

Yes! Let Me In!

If you are tired of spinning your wheels and know something has to change, pick my brain!

If you want to leave your job and aren’t sure what your next move should be, pick my brain!

Click the link below, tell me your issues and make that $197 investment to move your career forward.

Yes! Let Me In!