How to Stop Creating More Work for Yourself

We tend to create more work for ourselves when we don’t live by this simple philosophy:

Get It Done the First Time.

Instead of dealing with things right away, we procrastinate and put it off until it becomes a much bigger issue. 

Something as simple as letting the dishes sit in the sink overnight instead of taking five minutes to put them in the dishwasher or hand wash them right after you eat makes it that much harder to clean the food and gunk off of them in the morning. 

Perhaps you have important documents to fill out and instead of knocking it out when you first receive them, you wait until the last minute and frantically try to make the deadline, causing you unnecessary stress. 

We’ve all been guilty of it at one time or another. 

I was guilty of it the other day when going through my mail and was tempted to just let it pile up on the table instead of filing it in its proper place or throwing it away. 

A lot of times it seems like it takes too much energy to get things done right away, but often it creates more energy to circle back and handle something that could have been dealt with at first pass. 

Here are 3 things that can save you time and energy if you can just get it done and out of the way the first time. 

  1. Clean Up – Wash the dishes immediately after you eat to prevent a mess. Throw away or donate items that you no longer use or need to eliminate clutter. Put away items in their proper place after you use them so it is easier for you to find them later and help keep everything neat and orderly.
  2. Write It Down – Stop relying on your memory and start writing down information that you need to capture to make your life easier. Whether it’s systems and processes for your business or a simple to-do list. Writing it down right away allows you to have the details fresh in your mind so you don't forget or waste time trying to recall it when the time comes to use it. 
  3. Finish Your Tasks – It is much easier to finish the task in front of you while you are currently working on it than to only partially complete it and have to come back to it and finish. You'll have an amazing sense of accomplishment once it is complete without that cloud of dread hanging over you when you know you have to go back and finish something. 

Are there any other things that would save you stress if you just got it done the first time? Let me know in the comments below.