Letting an Attorney Go? Consider Outplacement to Soften the Blow

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Letting an attorney go, whether for poor performance or layoffs, isn’t a fun ordeal for any of the parties involved. However, it is especially stressful for the attorney or attorneys that are being dismissed. Anything the firm or company can do to make the attorney’s transition back into the job market easier is much appreciated.

A traditional severance package typically includes two weeks of pay or more for each year that an attorney worked and a continuation of benefits for a period of time. However, another growing component of a severance package is outplacement assistance which is intended to help attorneys find work following job loss. The attorney can pay for outplacement themselves, but it is an added bonus when the company provides it as part of the severance agreement.

Outplacement Services Offered

Outplacement assistance can come in many forms, but mostly individual or group career coaching and advising. Depending on how long it has been since the attorney has been out of the job market, the attorney may be unaware of how to approach their job search and may need assistance with getting up-to-date with current trends and techniques.

Services also provided with outplacement include resume and cover letter writing, interview coaching and teaching how to create a LinkedIn profile, as well as how to use the tool effectively. Furthermore, outplacement helps the attorney craft a target job list and even applies for jobs for them, as well as provide follow-up counseling and advice.

For attorneys that may want to embark on a new career path, their career coach can help them strategize how to translate their current skills with their new path, as well as offer training in that field.

Outplacement services can be provided in-person, remotely or virtually, so an attorney does not always have to travel to meet with their career coach.

Why You Should Offer Outplacement Services

It Builds Good Will

The attorney being let go is already likely to have a negative opinion of your company since it is human nature to have some hard feelings, especially if their dismissal wasn’t their fault. Nevertheless, as an employer, you want to try to salvage your brand and reputation in the marketplace by making the attorney’s  transition as stress-free as possible.

Offering them assistance to get back on their feet, and not just monetarily with the traditional severance package, relays the message that you invest in your employees, that you care about their livelihood and aren’t just throwing them out with the wolves to fend for themselves.

Decreases Likelihood of Litigation

Dismissing employees comes with the risk that they may retaliate and sue for wrongful termination or a myriad of other reasons. Litigation is expensive, whether your company ultimately prevails or not. Offering outplacement can be a risk management strategy that may curb future litigation since it will help the employee get back to work faster or at the very least, leave them with a more favorable impression of your company.

If you have an attorney or multiple attorneys that you are letting go, contact LegalBee at info@hirelegalbee.com so we can help your employees get back to work.