Why Solo/Small Law Firms are Using Freelance Attorneys to Meet Their Staffing Needs

Using Freelance Attorneys.png

Solo and small law firms are “small” by design. They simply don’t have the manpower or the resources that larger law firms have. However, this doesn’t mean that smaller firms have to be at a disadvantage.

In an attempt to more effectively manage their practices and caseloads, the utilization of freelance attorneys is becoming an increasingly popular option. A freelance attorney is an experienced attorney who works with other attorneys on a project basis. Here are three reasons why freelance attorneys can be a lifesaver to solo and small law firms.

Increased Capacity

By hiring a freelance attorney, firms are able to immediately increase their capacity to manage their current caseload or take on more work. Freelance attorneys are essentially “on-call associates”. Anything you would hire a full-time associate to handle, you can pretty much give to a freelance attorney. This includes court coverage, drafting, research, etc. The work you give them to handle frees you up to work on other aspects of the case or take on completely new matters, which also increases your overall bottomline

Alternative Perspective

Being a solo, in particular, can be lonely and isolating. All you have is your own thoughts and opinions on how a matter should be handled. Since freelance attorneys are experienced, they can give you an alternative perspective that you might not have thought about or point out things you may have missed.

No Commitment

One of the best parts of using a freelance attorney is that there is no commitment. If you were to hire a full-time associate, you have to pay salary and benefits, in addition to worrying about whether you have enough work to sustain the person long-term. With a freelance attorney, they are paid hourly and once the project is over, your commitment to using them is over. This gives you all the benefits of having an associate at your disposal, with none of the headaches.