Work Benefits to Attract the Millennial Lawyer

Work Benefits to Attract the Millennial Lawyer.png

Firms, especially smaller ones, need to be more creative in their benefits package to attract top millennial talent. Merely offering 401k, a firm cellphone and laptop isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

Millennials want more from their places of employment and are not satisfied with merely coming to work and collecting a paycheck. While previous generations struggled to find work-life balance, millennials are more interested in work-life integration. They want their personal and professional lives to flow seamlessly together and have no problem leaving a good firm for another firm with better benefits. So I’ve compiled a list of the most sought after benefits millennials are looking for to set you apart from your competitors and nab the best millennial talent out there. 

Flexible Work Schedule

Of all the perks on this list, a flexible work schedule might be the most coveted. Millennials value control over their schedule and daily life. They simply don’t see the value of being in the office all day every day, when the work can just as easily get done somewhere else. They love the flexibility of being able to work from home, Starbucks or anywhere else with wifi. I even had a candidate turn down a better paying position to stay at her current firm that offered her one day off a week.

Allowing flexible work times, gives millennials a sense of control over their time where they can avoid unnecessary commutes and take care of other things that come up. It also shows that the firm trusts their employees productive without having to put in face time at the office. 

Career and Personal Development

Contrary to popular belief, millennials aren’t lazy people who want to get something for doing nothing. They greatly value their career and personal development and seek out firms that want to pour into them with training and mentorship opportunities. 

A culture of learning and growth is attractive to the more ambitious millennials who are looking for a sense of purpose and engagement in their work. They want to feel like their development is a priority to their firm and that they aren’t just a nameless face being used solely to profit the firm. 

Health and Wellness Support

Millennials are more health conscious than those in past generations. They place a high importance on preventative health measures, so firms that offer health perks can stand out from the rest. Health insurance, free or subsidised gym memberships or paid fitness classes are common and sought after perks. 

Firms should also be proactive about addressing mental health, as lawyers in general deal with high rates of depression and substance abuse. Consider offering free mental health support or benefits that support good mental health such as yoga and art classes. 

Social Events

Having social events, outside of the yearly company holiday party, is a great way to attract and retain millennials. It not only promotes fun and positive experiences outside of the office, but it improves the bond between co-workers.

Millennials value social interaction and want nothing more than to have a great relationship with their peers and superiors both inside and outside of the office. This can be fostered through happy hours, a community service project, sporting event or creating a team to run in a 5k or marathon. The point is to be creative and encourage interaction outside of the office. 

What are some other benefits that firms can utilize to attract millennials? Let me know in the comments below. For more tips on handling millennial lawyers, check out Understanding the Millennial Lawyer.