Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Freelance Attorney?

A freelance attorney is an attorney who provides services to other attorneys and law firms on a project basis. The freelance attorney is an independent contractor and is not an actual employee of the person or firm that utilizes their services. It is similar to a solo practitioner in that the attorney works for themselves; instead, attorneys are the clients and not regular citizens or corporations.


Is a Freelance Attorney the same as a Contract Attorney?

Yes and no. The difference between a freelance attorney and contract attorney is mostly semantics.  However, “contract attorney” often gives the impression that the attorney just does document review or is contracted through an agency. A freelance attorney embodies all of the benefits of having an associate without the added expense.


What are the benefits of hiring a Freelance Attorney?

LegalBee provides all of the benefits of a productive and experienced associate without the expense, hassle, or commitment of hiring a permanent member to your staff.

For additional information on the benefits of working with LegalBee, click here.


How does hiring LegalBee save me money and increase my bottom line?

Because LegalBee attorneys are independent contractors, they are able to offer years of experience without incurring associated overhead costs. Your savings include the avoidance of income taxes, workers compensation, social security, Medicare, health insurance, professional liability insurance, or other employment benefits.

In addition, you have the option of adding a reasonable surcharge when billing your clients for work performed by LegalBee’s attorneys. You earn a profit and your client’s overall legal fees may be reduced. Meanwhile, you or your other attorneys can be working on other billable projects. This saves you time and increases your profits.


What are LegalBee’s fees?

You may choose to receive services per project or by purchasing blocks of hours. The rate is determined based on the size, scope and immediacy of the project. Please contact LegalBee here to discuss your current needs and priorities.