What Clients are Saying About LegalBee

My firm began working with Shelley and her firm, LegalBee, in 2017 to fill an associate position. Shelley has been a tremendous help to my firm. She introduced us to a number of great candidates, assisted with scheduling interviews and promptly called to follow-up after each interview. She even assisted us with negotiating terms to a candidate whom we made an offer. I truly enjoy working with Shelley and I highly recommend her to any firm looking to quickly hire a high-quality attorney.
— Ron Austin, Grant Law, LLC
LegalBee has helped me out because it provides an affordable option for court coverage with a competent attorney, who I feel will be prepared to handle any curveballs that might be thrown their way. It allows me to keep cases moving and customers satisfied, where I would otherwise have to ask for more time or a continuance on a case. I would recommend LegalBee to other small practices who are trying to grow their business, because it prevents you from being forced to stop bringing in business as a result of being over-extended.
— Aasim Cunningham, Cunningham Lopez
LegalBee connected us with an attorney consultant with an area of expertise important to our practice. LegalBee and our consultant have become trusted resources. Thank you LegalBee!
— Jessica Oldani, Oldani Entrepreneurial Law
LegalBee attorneys have excellent writing skills, are extremely organized and complete writing tasks on time. A real bonus when an attorney has many deadlines to meet.
— Denise Mercherson, Law Office of Denise M. Mercherson